Nov 14, 2013

Italy 2013

This past summer I went on a five and a half week adventure through Italy, delving into Italian Art & Culture thanks to this studying-abroad course run by Sheridan. With my sketchbook in hand, and a thirst for challenge and discovery, we explored Italian history, culture, and artwork in various locales in central and northern Italy. I'll admit that learning to speak Italian was challenging for me, thankfully most people were very friendly, and it was very common for locals to know English (or if not that, French). 

Thanks to this trip I've made lots of new friends and shared laughs and a few bottles of wine along the way (okay, maybe more than just a few). I've learned a lot too, and this trip has helped me understand the value that delving into different cultural and artistic environments holds over an outsider perspective. Here's a few pages from my journal; I haven't had too much experience drawing with pens, so I took this opportunity to develop that:

Ratto di Proserpina by Bernini, at the magnificent Borghese Gallery

Watercolor Doodles in Assisi

Giant Tomes!

Speed-Drawing armor! Only had about 3 minutes in each room of the museum.

Lunch in the shade.


Mar 25, 2013

Cuddles McGish

Here's my boards for Verse 5 of Cuddles McGish; a group project for our storyboard class.

And here it is with the music.